“Blueprint for Change and Success”

by The Dublin Hurling Review Group


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Introduction to The Blueprint for Change and Success

There must be an acceptance that the manner in which hurling in Dublin has administered over the last forty years has not been acceptable. This is clearly reflected by the lack of success and the decline in standards of hurling during this period. 1938 saw the last time that Dublin lifted the Liam McCarthy Cup and 1961 was the last year Dublin reached a senior All Ireland Hurling final. Since then, Dublin senior footballers have won 6 All Ireland titles and 17 Leinster titles. The Dublin senior hurlers, during the same period, have not won a single provincial or national title.

In order to improve standards and to achieve success, it is imperative that all aspects of administrations relating to the game are closely examined. Perhaps the greatest challenge facing us all is to change the mindset of those who are involved at all organisational levels. This mindset represents a shared way of thinking, and is reflected in the accepted behaviours and attitudes towards hurling in Dublin.

In a mature association, such as the GAA, a shared mindset can be a liability, and its intensity may hinder its ability to change. Since members come to accept, adopt and associate with this mindset, the changing process requires that those who are in charge accept that change must happen, and must happen now. Charles Darwin once shrewdly observed that ….

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change”

A truly empowered committee is one that acts out of commitment, out of purpose and without the traditional boundaries and narrow mindsets of previous administrators. In order for us to succeed, we must ensure that any recommendations put forward in this report, if accepted by the clubs, must be carried out within the appointed timeframe.

We must not let our past get in the way of our future.

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